Supreme Court Reaffirms Enforceability of Arbitration Agreement in Non-competition Dispute

In my litigation practice, I rarely encounter a contract dispute that does not include some sort of Alternative Dispute Resolution clause. Enforcing or defeating these clauses is technical and tricky. Court decisions continue the trend to give effect to these clauses. Supreme Court Reaffirms Enforceability of Arbitration Agreement in Non-competition Dispute | Orrick – JDSupra

Disclaimers in Trademark Office Actions

In my intellectual property practice I am frequently educating clients in the nuances of trademark and copyright law. I currently have a trademark matter where the issue of using disclaimers as part of the registration process is being explored. Thanks to attorney Galvani for his article: Disclaimers in Trademark Office Actions | Tom Galvani – Arizona Patent and Trademark Attorney

The Law Develops Slowly. It Always Has.

The law develops slowly. It always has. Courts of review are designed to settle conflicts of authority in lower courts so we can all know and be clear about our rights. A citizen’s right to record police activity on cell photos and portable devices is the latest developing clarification. Supreme Court Gives Nod to Citizens Who Record Police, Amidst Reports of Multiple Arrests – ABA Journal