Fighting Piracy Can Hurt Small Buisnesses

While combating piracy is an ongoing struggle, can the newly launched Copyright Alert System hurt small businesses?

Employment law update: “We Would Have Fired You Anyway!”

Employment law update: ‘Harris’ (We would have fired you anyway) Already Being Invoked by Employment Counsel (Legal Pad)

Harris v Santa Monica: A Victory for Employers!

In a recent case (Harris v Santa Monica) the California Supreme Court established a new standard in termination cases: When a plaintiff shows discrimination was “a substantial motivating factor” in an adverse employment action, but the employer demonstrates it would have taken the same action even absent such discrimination, the court cannot award the plaintiff damages, back-pay, or reinstatement. The employee may still be entitled to declaratory relief, injunctive relief, and/or attorney fees and costs. An Overall Victory for Employers in Mixed-Motives Cases | CEB Blog –

Civil Litigation: The Costly Battle.

In civil litigation, the time to trial is long and costly. And when that trial date finally gets set, there is an awful lot to do to get ready. Here is a preview into why it costs so much to wage these battles, especially in the final weeks and days. Timeline to Trial « CEB Blog – Your Partner In Practice