What to Know Before Using DIY Legal Sites

Perhaps in an attempt to save some time and money, some businesses are turning to DIY Legal Sites to fulfill their legal needs. These sites, like everything else on the internet, are readily available and are fairly easy to figure out. Not only are these sites cheap, they provide click-download-and-print legal forms for your business needs. However, before you use one of these sites for your business, we will highlight a few things you should consider if you plan on becoming an amateur attorney from the comfort of your couch.

One size does not fit all: In this case, one form does not fit all cases. While the site may lead you to one specific form for your needs, there is no guarantee that the form will actually work for you. At the end of the day, you get what you pay for. You pay for a form and simple instructions on how to fill it out. You did not pay for an attorney to walk you through the problem and help you find the one form that can fulfill your needs. Online forms are designed for the masses, but your attorney can find the specific form you need.

What you don’t know can hurt you: While attorneys with years of experience will be able to easily catch the smallest details in forms and contracts, the same cannot be said about an online form. Attorneys know the kind of loopholes and information they are looking for, but the online forms and legal services do not have any experience with this.

Forming a relationship with your attorney: Your attorney, by knowing you and your business, will always be able to recommend the best path forward for your company. If you have worked with the same lawyer for a number of years, he or she can help you avoid unnecessary hurdles and keep potential issues from turning into problems. A DIY legal site may be able to solve the problem at hand, but will not be able to advise you for the future.

If you look closely at these DIY legal sites, they explicitly say their services are not a substitute for a licensed attorney. This alone should serve as a warning to businesses using these sites instead of consulting their attorneys. While attorneys can be costly, their expertise does not match up to a legal site designed for the masses. In addition, you should weigh the risks and rewards of the situation. If hiring an attorney helps you avoid legal complications in the future, avoiding DIY legal sites may be your best plan. We hope this post has provided valuable information for our business clients.

Source referenced: Entrepreneur

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