I am Invincible at the SF Coin Summit – This Week!

Get your Bitcoins on!

Excited to be attending Coin Summit this week in the city by the bay.

And proud to finally be able to announce that I am attending as Co-Founder and Director of an exciting new high tech start up in the crypto digital currency security space.

InvincibleWallet LLC is developing a web-based, BIP32 wallet. It’s next-generation. It’s hierarchical. It’s deterministic. And, it will fundamentally alter the security landscape for Bitcoin storage and transactions.

Stay tuned as we approach our launch and Follow the fun on my Twitter feed:  https://twitter.com/RauschLaw


Apple declares war on Bitcoin, but it’s a war that it’s destined to lose | SiliconANGLE

Has Apple just committed a blunder of historic proportion?

When Apple pulled the Blockchain.info wallet app from the Apple store yesterday, Blockchain drew a line in the sand and came out swinging – calling Apple out for trying to use its monopoly power to take for itself what is generally believed to be the inevitable migration toward digital currency payment systems.  Many thought (myself included) this to be a huge blunder by Apple because the centralized handling of all things Apple (think “iCoin”) is at fundamental odds with the premise of the BitCoin protocol’s trusted consensus achieved via a de-centralized highly distributive network.  It’s hard to believe Apple doesn’t get this.

This article well articulates why Apple may be destined to loose this fight.

Apple declares war on Bitcoin, but it’s a war that it’s destined to lose | SiliconANGLE.

Bitcoin Is Good!

I’ve been following BitCoin for some time now with great interest.  Most recently, I’ve become involved in a new start up venture that will work in the BitCoin space.

There is certainly a wealth of criticism and pessimism about BitCoin – all easily found on the internet – exspoused by naysayers who, frankly, are mostly prone to critic there own fundamental misunderstanding about the nature, core and significance of the BitCoin Protocol.

Below is a link to an excellent counter-point to one recent New York Times columnist. Granted, this rebuttal is authored by the CEO of a major first entrant into the BitCoin business space. But, then, maybe that simply underscores that he “gets it”.

Stay tuned for lots more about this.

Bitcoin Is Good | Re/code.