The Copyright Alert System. Get the details here:

Our clients include producers of copyrighted material as well as internet service providers and internet based content publishers.  The implications of the new, now operational, Copyright Alert System can be gleaned from a series of Frequently Asked Questions published by the proponents and the opponents of the alert system.

The Copyright Alert System (CAS) is a copyright surveillance machine— aka “Six Strikes” — consisting of an agreement between major media corporations and large Internet Service Providers to monitor peer-to-peer networks for copyright infringement and target subscribers who are alleged to infringe.  The agreement provides for actions and sanctions that range from “educational” alerts to throttling Internet speeds.  The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) claims that the Center for Copyright Information, which is running this “educational” program, is not a neutral information source.  EFF provides its own insights and summary of CAS in this article:

The Center for Copyright Information version of the CAS is found here:

Contact your attorney to address specific questions about your content or operations and how they can be impacted by the CAS.