Business: Be Smart, Be Effective, Be Efficient.

When starting a new business there is always so much to learn and gain, even from the smallest of tips. Working with several clients at the start up of their businesses as well as pulling from my own business experience, I have contemplated and compiled the top 5 methods of increasing your business efficiency without increasing your overhead.

Tip #1: Time is money.

While already having discovered the magnificent benefits of business exposure through social media, taking the time to actually sit down, create posts and publish them every week, let alone every day, might not be an option. Utilize tools such as Hootsuite, or the WordPress scheduled posting feature to draft and schedule your posts in advance. With this, you can schedule, monthly, weekly or even daily posts far in advance in one sitting. This will keep your social media presence alive, as well as your business exposure, without taking up too much of your precious work time. Once you have done this, consider your other automated task options such as billing or e-mailing. Converting such manual tasks to automated tasks will save you loads of time and therefore save you money.

Tip #2: Productive communication.

E-mail has been and still is the most efficient means of communication. From small retailers to large corporations e-mail systems help to keep businesses up to date on business related information whether in or out of the office. Other methods similar to e-mail include social media messaging. Focus on such methods of communication and try to avoid cold calls and door to door selling where possible. Establishing firm, efficient communication through messaging will help your business avoid unnecessary rejection for the messages you receive back will most likely be those of interest, thus helping you find clients without the extra effort.

Tip #3: Grow your business through referrals.

Asking clients for referrals is a simple method of finding potential new clients. Think of this method of approaching new clients as taking an educated guess rather than blindly searching for prospective customers. One way to create incentive  toward gaining referrals is to offer rewards to current loyal clients or those who provide referrals. Rewards can be as simple as discounts or further service. Both methods will improve your client traffic and business services without breaking the bank.

Tip #4: Provoke employee efficiency through your own efficiency.

Always be an efficient leader through efficient time management. Train employees and others to contact you through email versus over the phone. Why? E-mail can be saved, stored, tracked, referred to and is almost always readily available. Furthermore plan out everything and add it to your calendar. Be sure to plan out your entire week in advance. Add everything to your calendar. If something is not scheduled on your calendar, it should not take place. While this takes discipline, politely sticking to this will gain you respect from both clients and employees. Lastly, utilize the cloud. Use tools such as Drop Box or Google Drive. This will allow you to easily access documents anywhere Wi-Fi is available. It also allows you to easily collaborate and share with others.

Tip #5: Be Patient.

Those working in the field of business can attest to the fact that not everything works out the way you want it to. Many times, procedures take time and effort. Such an investment however, given enough time, may yield significant time and money saving results. Be flexible and try new methods and ideas, while weeding out those that do not work for your business.

Utilizing these 5 tips can help your business run a bit more smoothly by saving you a little bit of time and money.

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